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Moistener Pads

Moistener Pads

The entire moistener system serves two functions: to keep the spindles clean and to keep them slick for efficient doffing. There is no other system on the machine that is more ignored than the moistener system. All too often, a problem with the moistener system that results in wrapped spindles and chunked doffers is blamed on the doffers themselves.

John Deere patented "X" pattern design for moisture flow:

  • Contains 18 holes compared to competition's 10.
  • Ensures proper solution distribution on spindles.
  • Allows pad to be rotated 90 degrees.
  • Ensures maximum efficiency in all conditions.

Available in two styles:

  • Urethane offers flexibility and greater life.
  • Precision manufactured with clean holes and full, thick fins which allows efficient, even flow of spindle cleaner onto spindle.
  • Designed for snug pad-to-holder fit. This restricts trash penetration and minimises pad plugging.
  • Thermoplastic (black) offers flexibility and excellent wear life.
  • Its optimum lip design provides easy installation and has excellent retention once installed.