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DT Rotary Turf Brush

Ideal for dense turf varieties of cool and warm season turf grasses, this rotary turf brush uses an exclusive helix design for bristle mounting.

The helix design promotes improved striping and consistent cut quality while improving the ability to stand up the grass blades without increasing brush depth. When set at the height of cut, the exclusive helix design of this John Deere rotary turf brush creates a more consistent turf engagement across the cutting width of the reel in comparison to straight-rowed brushes. Additionally, when this rotary brush is used with our counter-rotating system, you'll see reduced grain for a truer playing surface and improved after-cut appearance.

The DT Rotary Turf Brush is compatible with the following the machines:

  • 180/220 E-Cut™ Hybrid
  • SL PrecisionCut™ Walk Greens Mowers
  • 2500B PrecisionCut
  • 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Riding Greens Mowers
Part numbers:
  • BM24732 - 180 E-Cut Hybrid (QA5)
  • BM24731 - 180SL PrecisionCut
  • BM24730 - 220 E-Cut, 2500 E-Cut, 2500B PrecisionCut (QA5)
  • BM24729 - 220SL PrecisionCut